Australia/Italian Dual Citizenship

There is a Hamletic dilemma which has become very popular in recent times and it is increasingly the focus of gossip on the main national newspapers and magazines.

Despite politicians tending to deny their dual citizenship by showing certificates and sealed papers in public, we believe that dual citizenship brings consistent advantages to people.

Firstly, that people should proudly show this status since it should be a moral duty towards the native lands of your ancestors which tracks back the history of your family. In addition, there are numerous other reasons and advantages in obtaining dual citizenship. In fact, considering the European Union countries, the citizen of each of them is allowed by law to move and settle in one of these countries without any limitations. It is not just for a visit or a touristic trip, which would also be a sufficient reason in itself, but it is essentially for working and carrying on business without specific permissions or visa restrictions.

By considering the Italian Legislation, there are no preclusions in holding two citizenships, even if you intend to be a candidate to take a seat in the Senate of the Italian Republic. The Italian legislation, in fact, reserves a quorum of the Parliament members to people resident abroad even though they have the dual citizenship. In regards to the personal status, the requisite to be a candidate is being a Permanent Resident or a Citizen of a foreign country.

Please, consider that if you are also an Italian citizen it does not mean that the Italian State may chase you to pay tax in Italy. The legislation which applies to your Australian assets will only be the Australian one, unless you have a different arrangement in writing. Bilateral agreements between Australia and Italy regulate this matter accurately.

So, to be or not to be (a dual citizen)?

Before taking any steps towards your professional career, please contact us…… especially if you are intending on running for the Australian Parliament! Alternatively, you might be recycled and directed into the Italian political vortex!

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