Notary Public

Notary Public In Brisbane

A Notary Public is an internationally recognised officer of the law, responsible for certifying and attesting documents intended for worldwide use.  A Notary Public is appointed by the Court of Faculties in England under the guidance of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our Principal, Giovanni Porta, is a Notary Public.


Notary Public Services

Attestation of International Documents

The main duties of a Notary Public are to confirm, attest or authenticate: 

  1. The truth of any document for use in a foreign country.
  2. The translation of legal and commercial documents from foreign languages to English.
  3. Certain legal documents, for example a Power of Attorney, intended for use overseas.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you require any international documents to be notarised.

Authenticate Foreign Documents & Translations

It is common that documents, which are required to be used overseas, are to be “legalised” before they are recognised in overseas jurisdictions.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will place an “Apostille” on the documents after a Notary Public has Authenticated the documents.

Should you require any assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact our office on Tel: (07) 3265 3888.

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