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Porta Lawyers provide a range of legal services and representations for business matters in Australia. Our solicitors specialise in Business Law and can work with you to get the best possible outcome for your business.

Operating a business in Australia requires legal assistance from time to time. Porta Lawyers can provide both legal advice and representation for business owners to assist with a wide range of services including, but not limited to, buying and selling a Business, Leasing, Partnership Agreements, Business Inheritance Planning, Intellectual Property and general Business Law.

We like to see Australian businesses succeed and so when the time comes, it is important to seek proper advice from qualified legal professionals. Our approach to each matter is tailored exactly to your needs.


Business Legal Services We Offer

Sale of Business

It is crucial that anyone wishing to sell a business plans a successful business transition and exit. Whether you are selling when sales and profits are strong or for financial or personal reasons, it is imperative that you seek professional assistance as soon as possible to achieve the best possible outcome available for you.

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Purchasing a Business

If you are planning on buying an existing business, it is vital that both advantages and disadvantages are examined. We will work closely with you and your accountant to ensure the best outcome for you.

Some questions, which must be taken into consideration, are why and what are the reasons for the sale? What are you actually buying? What is the business customer base? What are the business costs? Is the business profitable?

Please contact us today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 to seek legal advice and ensure that the potential purchase of business is in your best interest and meets your needs.

Structuring & Asset Protection

Structuring and asset protection are ensuring that your assets are protected against creditors.

Whether you are launching a new business, purchasing an existing business or concerned about your asset protection, please contact Porta Lawyers today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 for advice on the matter.

Business Inheritance Planning

As with your personal life, thought should also be given as to what will happen to your business or partnership when you retire or die. Steps should be put in place to plan an exit strategy.

Contact Porta Lawyers today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you require any assistance in this regard.  

Contract Preparation & Review

When you require a Contract to be prepared or reviewed, it is imperative that all Contracts are reviewed, prior to signing them. We will ensure that the Contract reflects your wishes and that any Special Conditions are well drafted.

Contact Porta Lawyers today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you require any assistance relating to Contract preparation and review. Seek assistance prior to signing a Contract.

Corporation Law & Director's Duties

The Australian Securities Investment Commission outlines requirements for all Directors and companies. We will ensure that you and your company comply with the relevant legislation.

Contact Porta Lawyers on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you require any assistance in this regard.


Buying a franchise can be an exciting experience. However, we strongly recommend that before you enter into a Franchise Agreement, that you are well aware of your rights and obligations. Franchise Agreements are complex documents and relevant advice must be sought from your lawyer and accountant prior to signing any document.

Please contact us on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 should you require any advice in relation to buying or selling a franchise.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, also known as IP, is the property comprised of your own knowledge or ideas. This includes inventions, ideas, trademarks, designs, brands, technology or application of your idea.

Contact us today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you would like more information on how to safeguard your Intellectual Property.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement entered into by parties who are bound by the terms of the Agreement, and which prevents either party from divulging information outlined in the Agreement.

Porta Lawyers can be of assistance in drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements and can advise you of your rights and obligations. Similarly, you should seek advice from us should you believe a party to a Non-Disclosure Agreement is in breach of such an Agreement. Please feel free to contact us on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 for further assistance.

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