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Migration Lawyers in Brisbane

Porta Lawyers staff includes a Registered Migration Agent, who is able to provide advice in respect of Migration, Visa & Citizenship Applications and Reviews and Appeals.

We appreciate that it can be a stressful time as a new migrant to Australia and our Migration Agent will assist and direct you through the Application processes.


Migration Legal Services

Visa & Citizenship Applications

If you are interested in working in Australia, visiting on a temporary basis or permanently migrating, you may apply for a visa or citizenship application with the assistance of our Migration Agent.

Our Migration Agent, will be able to assist you in examining your options and determining which visa would be suitable for you.

Applying for a visa is a lengthy and difficult process.  It is therefore imperative that you contact us today to seek advice if you are considering applying for a visa to visit/work in Australia.

Visa Categories

Porta Lawyers Migration Department can assist you in respect of all categories of Visa Applications, including, but not limited to;  Education and Training Visas;  Skilled Migration Visas;  Family Visas;  Work Visas;  Tourist and Working Holiday Visas and Returning Resident Visas. 

Each category has various options available and we suggest that you contact our Migration Agent on Tel: +61 7 3265 3888 to discuss your options.

Australian Citizenship Applications

Applying to become an Australian citizen is a challenging Application. Please contact us today in order to seek advice on whether you may be a suitable candidate to become an Australian citizen.

Reviews & Appeals

If you have applied for a Visa or Citizenship and your Application was refused, you may apply to have the Application reviewed.  This must be completed in a strict time frame once your Application has been denied.

Contact us today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 should you wish to review or appeal a Visa or Citizenship Application decision.

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