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Sports Law is a unique industry that generates millions of dollars in commercial revenue every year.  Where there are large sums of money involved, it is advisable that you seek legal advice prior to signing a Contract.

Porta Lawyers can assist you in drafting or reviewing Player or Coaching Contracts, Venue or Licence Agreements, provide advice on insurance liability; protect your Intellectual Property and secure Licencing of Names and Sponsorship arrangements.


Sports Legal Services We Offer

Player Contracts

Due to their increasing commercial value, contracts of service between players of all codes and their Clubs, must be reviewed to protect the interests of all parties. These Contracts include not only remuneration, but Code of Conduct requirements.

Coaching Contracts

Due to the transitional nature of the coaching role in the modern era and the large commercial value attached to such Contracts, these Contracts must be reviewed by all parties. Most importantly, they will deal with performance indicators and club culture, often which is governed by a Code of Conduct.

Gaming Machines

A great deal of revenue is derived from sporting clubs as a result of gaming machines and gambling. As a result, Licensing Contracts with the relevant Government agencies and with suppliers of machines, and betting agencies, require constant review.

Sponsorship Agreements

Due to the commercial relationship between sponsors and valued players, often in the public eye, these Contracts and their very specific requirements regarding player Code of Conduct, commercial value and the attached intellectual property, require constant review to protect the interests of all parties.

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