Contract Preparation & Review

When you require a Contract to be prepared or reviewed, it is imperative that all Contracts are reviewed, prior to signing them. We will ensure that the Contract reflects your wishes and that any Special Conditions are well drafted.

Contact Porta Lawyers today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you require any assistance relating to Contract preparation and review. Seek assistance prior to signing a Contract.


Legal Contract Services

Contract Disputes

There are many different types of Contracts that are created between various parties.  This can ultimately lead to misinterpretation of clauses, failing to abide by obligations and breaches of Contract.

As such, engaging legal expertise is required to navigate Contract disputes that arise.  Contact us today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 for any assistance relating to a Contract dispute.  

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement entered into by parties who are bound by the terms of the Agreement, and which prevents either party from divulging information outlined in the Agreement.

Porta Lawyers can be of assistance in drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements and can advise you of your rights and obligations. Similarly, you should seek advice from us should you believe a party to a Non-Disclosure Agreement is in breach of such an Agreement. Please feel free to contact us on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 for further assistance.

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