Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery SpecialistsUnfortunately, bad debtors arise in both a business and personal capacity. Consumers who are legally bound to repay money owed may be in breach of contract. Legal assistance is often required to recover funds or materials.If your current debt recovery process has been unsuccessful, contact us for assistance. We can advise you ofContinue Reading


Contract Preparation & ReviewWhen you require a Contract to be prepared or reviewed, it is imperative that all Contracts are reviewed, prior to signing them. We will ensure that the Contract reflects your wishes and that any Special Conditions are well drafted.Contact Porta Lawyers today on Tel: (07) 3265 3888 if you require any assistanceContinue Reading

Conveyancing / Residential Property Law

Residential Property LawyersResidential Property Law, also commonly known as Conveyancing, is the legal transfer of property from one entity to another.  When a Buyer and Seller enter into a Contract, they require the services of an experienced lawyer or conveyancing paralegal to attend to this legal procedure. We encourage parties to a transaction to seekContinue Reading

Consumer Law

Consumer Law ExpertsAt Porta Lawyers we are able to assist you with your Consumer Law requirements. Whether it is Warrantees, Guarantees, Remedies & Enforcement, Debt Recovery, Unfair Practices or Fundraising, feel free to telephone our office and speak to our Consumer Law specialist.Speak to an experienced lawyer who specialises in Consumer Law today. Call ourContinue Reading

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Brisbane Estate LawyersWe spend our entire lives accumulating assets and caring for our loved ones, yet two of the most important documents, which direct what is to happen to those assets, are often overlooked or purposely ignored.Every adult should have a Will and Enduring Power of Attorney.At Porta Lawyers we have a simple procedure toContinue Reading

Employment / Industrial Relations

Brisbane Employment LawyersOnce known as Industrial Relations, Employment Law is an increasingly growing area of law.  Employment Law covers advice in respect of Employment Contracts, Dismissals, Unfair Dismissals, Workplace Disputes, Employee Warnings, Employee Performance Advice, Redundancies or simply changes in the Workplace.It is important to seek legal advice before implementing any of the above asContinue Reading

Sports Law

Sports Lawyers in BrisbaneSports Law is a unique industry that generates millions of dollars in commercial revenue every year.  Where there are large sums of money involved, it is advisable that you seek legal advice prior to signing a Contract.Porta Lawyers can assist you in drafting or reviewing Player or Coaching Contracts, Venue or LicenceContinue Reading

Family Law

Family Lawyers In BrisbaneAt Porta Lawyers, we understand that Family Law matters are a difficult and emotional time for all parties. We will strive to progress your matter in the best possible manner, taking into considering the personal nature of your situation.There are many areas to be resolved in Family Law matters, including separation, divisionContinue Reading

Traffic Offences

Traffic Lawyers In BrisbanePorta Lawyers is here to assist you in respect of your Traffic Offences. Contact our office as soon as you receive an Infringement Notice or Court Appearance Notice.We will attend Court with you and make submissions on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.Traffic Offence Legal ServicesSpeeding FinesA speeding fine canContinue Reading

Notary Public

Notary Public In BrisbaneA Notary Public is an internationally recognised officer of the law, responsible for certifying and attesting documents intended for worldwide use.  A Notary Public is appointed by the Court of Faculties in England under the guidance of the Archbishop of Canterbury.Our Principal, Giovanni Porta, is a Notary Public.Notary Public ServicesAttestation of InternationalContinue Reading


Property Lawyers In BrisbanePorta Lawyers provide a range of legal services and representation for property leasing matters in Australia. Our solicitors specialise in Commercial Leasing and Retail Shop Leasing and can work with you to get the the best possible outcome for your case.Our approach to each case is tailored exactly to your needs andContinue Reading

Finance & Securities

Finance & Securities LawyersPorta Lawyers provide a range of legal services for finance and securities. Whether it is Loan Agreements, Commercial and Residential Mortgages, Personal Property Securities Register or Bank Guarantee Documentation advice, our qualified legal professionals are able to assist you with your legal requirements.To speak with an experience lawyer who specialises in financeContinue Reading

Litigation and Disputes

Litigation Lawyers in BrisbanePorta Lawyers provide a wide range of legal services for Commercial Litigation. Our solicitors specialise in Commercial Litigation and will work with you to get the best possible commercial outcome for you.Our experience areas include Contract Disputes, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Debt Recovery, Defamation, Building & Construction Disputes and EmploymentContinue Reading

Commercial Property / Leasing

Commerical Property LawyersPorta Lawyers provide a wide range of legal services in respect of property matters. Whether it is commercial or residential property, we have a wealth of knowledge and are available to discuss your venture with you.There are many aspects to consider when purchasing Commercial Property and we strongly suggest that you seek properContinue Reading

Deceased Estates

Deceased Estate Legal ExpertsThe loss of a loved one can be a difficult time and our Estates Team at Porta Lawyers are here to guide you through the process of administering an estate.We will work with you to ensure that the deceased’s wishes are upheld and that the estate is completed in a timely andContinue Reading

Migration Law

Migration Lawyers in BrisbanePorta Lawyers staff includes a Registered Migration Agent, who is able to provide advice in respect of Migration, Visa & Citizenship Applications and Reviews and Appeals.We appreciate that it can be a stressful time as a new migrant to Australia and our Migration Agent will assist and direct you through the ApplicationContinue Reading

Business Law

Business Lawyers In BrisbanePorta Lawyers provide a range of legal services and representations for business matters in Australia. Our solicitors specialise in Business Law and can work with you to get the best possible outcome for your business.Operating a business in Australia requires legal assistance from time to time. Porta Lawyers can provide both legalContinue Reading

Italian Law

Italian Law Solicitors In BrisbanePorta Lawyers specialises in Italian Law.  We have in our Brisbane office an Australian Registered Italian Lawyer, who is qualified to undertake all legal matters in Italy.   We also have several Italian speaking solicitors who are able to converse with the Italian community, which is greatly appreciated by our Italian clients.Continue Reading