“Will” you be prepared?

One of the most important documents you will ever make is your Will. Regardless of this fact, people are often somewhat hesitant to make a Will thinking it is morbid or unlucky. We cannot disagree more. Making a Will is good planning and can prevent unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family and friends.

A Will sets out your wishes for the distribution of your property, appoints executors, appoints guardians to care for under aged children and sets out any specific gifts which you may require.

Should you die intestate (ie without a Will), the Rules of Intestacy will apply to your estate and your property will be distributed in accordance with the law and not your intended wishes.

If you already have a Will, it is important to update your Will when life changing circumstances arise, such as, marriage, separation or the birth of a child.

At Porta Lawyers we strongly encourage all of our clients to ensure that their Will is up to date. Should you wish to discuss this matter with us, please feel free to contact our office.

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